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moving companies montrealIf you are moving in Canada or moving international, it is worth it to find local moving companies that operate as an international mover that quotes moving rates.

It’s time to plan your move.  What’s the best strategy?  What resources are available?  Do you have a strong back, a good truck, and lots of gung-ho friends.  How complicated is this move going to really be?  Should you hire a professional moving company or try to make the move yourself?  This depends on several factors.

Most of us have made some kind of move on our own: moving into our first apartment, moving the kids into college dorms, perhaps moving the kids back in after college.  These small moves can be pretty manageable if they involve relatively short distances and relatively small loads.  You can rent some kind of truck or van, or perhaps even use the family vehicle for such relocations.  However, things tend to change.  Life becomes more and more complicated.  Possessions accumulate, especially when you own a house, and before you know it a station wagon and a few friends are just not enough to relocate everything you own.

Local moving companies can save you a lot of headaches if they are trustworthy, but not everyone has the budget to hire help.  Whether you are moving international, moving in Canada, or moving in your own city, it may be worth considering hiring professionals.  Some people don’t even consider using moving companies because they assume it will be too expensive.  Actually, the rates may surprise you.  Whether we are talking about local moving companies or an international mover, it’s a good idea to find a company that quotes moving costs.  They should be able to give you a realistic idea of just what kind of budget you will need.  It doesn’t hurt to make a few phone calls or look at a few websites.

When deciding whether or not to hire a moving company, try to be realistic about the size, distance, and complexity involved in your move.  Many of us tend to over-extend ourselves, or to underestimate the difficulty of certain tasks.  Whatever the reason for your move, it probably already involves a good deal of adjustment and stress, especially if there are children involved.  Relocation can be hard on the kids, and the stress tends to grow exponentially the more responsibilities you take on yourself.  If you are moving in Canada, there should at least be some sense of consistency, depending on the range of the relocation.  If you are moving international, you will have a whole new level of adjustment (and paperwork) to deal with.

If you are moving overseas, get a professional mover if at all possible.  The process is tedious and complicated, and you will need all the help you can get.  Any good international mover quotes moving costs reliably up front, usually offering a rough estimate on the internet and then an in-house estimate with a “Binding Not-To-Exceed” estimate, which means that they cannot charge you more than their official estimate indicates.  Whether it’s domestic or overseas, the distance of the move can be a major factor when deciding to do it yourself or bring in professional.  After looking at all of your options, you may decide to take a comfortable plane ride and just meet the movers at your new home.  If your move involves children, elderly folk, or people with special needs, that may tip your inclinations toward bringing in the pros.

Another factor to consider is the kind of items to be moved.  Antiques, electronics, art objects, office equipment, or extra vehicles (cars, motorcycles, boats, snow mobiles, etc.) should all be taken into consideration.  It’s a good idea to look around the house, garage, and storage building, and develop a realistic idea of what needs to be moved and how hard it would be to move it.

The better international and local moving companies should be able to handle special items like these.  When a company quotes moving expenses, they can factor in the packing, transportation, storage, and / or unpacking of anything that you need to include.

When you are selecting a moving company, it definitely pays to shop around.  If you are moving in Canada, especially a local move, you may be able to find a very affordable local mover to provide simple service with a basic truck.  You may even be able to just round up some buddies to load up a van.  Whatever you do, a successful move always comes down to planning, which means beginning your preparations early, taking a thorough inventory of what needs to be moved, and taking into consideration factors that may complicate the move.  Thank goodness, there are companies that specialize in moving international clients.  They are internationally licensed and help with paperwork and logistics.

However you decide to move, don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether it’s from a professional company or your friends and relatives.  Too many people hurt themselves simply because they are too stubborn to accept assistance.  Delegating shows leadership and wisdom, not weakness.  Knowing your limitations is the first step to overcoming them.

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