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As one of Canada’s premium moving companies, we take pride in providing you with the best service that will make your relocation an easy and stress free process. You can request a free quote by clicking here.

Local Moving  

A local move is a move that takes place within a 100 kilometers radius and stays within the province of origin. The cost for a local move is based on the number of home movers, the time it takes to move your belongings and the driving distance time your old and new residence.

When you are looking for local moving companies in BC,Quebec, Ontario, Alberta or anywhere else in Canada, Empire Moving can handle your needs. No matter how great the challenge, Empire Moving has proven itself time and time again as an industry leader and a full service local and long distance mover in Canada. Our goal is nothing less than complete customer satisfaction. It is our key to success. We are one of the first home movers to call when you need to move anywhere in the nation.

Montreal Movers – Local Moving in Montreal

Being the second most populated city in Canada, packing and moving your goods within Montreal is more difficult than you may imagine. This is why we are standing by to assist with your packing and local moving needs.  It’s also easy to get quotes moving with Empire Moving Montreal Movers Service.  You can either call us or fill out the form on our home page.

Our company specializes in residential and commercial moving in and around Montreal and its surrounding areas. We have some of the best technicians who have a through knowledge about packing all kinds of items and our trusted drivers can get to your destination safely without any damage to your belongings. We will work with you irrespective of the size of your move. When you get quotes from local moving companies, ask about the home movers availability.  The best part about moving with us is our availability. We work all seven days a week including holidays and this gives you a lot of flexibility to choose the dates that would work best for you.

Toronto Movers – Home Movers in Toronto

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and is the home to more than 2.5 million residents. It is one of the top cities in the world that offers some of the best living conditions to its residents. It also has a sizable amount of people who move in and out of this city for personal or business reasons. If you are one of those people who are planning to move into or out of Toronto, then we would like to help you to make your move an easy one.

We believe in safety above everything and this means your belongings will be safe with us and there will be no damage whatsoever during the move. You can get all these services and much more at affordable rates. So, call us today to get quotes moving and discuss about making your move a simple and easy one.

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Some of Empire Moving's other services include free, no obligation estimates, transportation to, from and within USA’s and Canada’s most popular moving destinations, and a performance promise for delivery commitment.

International Moving

Our dedicated International Division is expert in helping clients move throughout the world. We have a specialist team with deep knowledge of common destinations and far corners. That’s why hundreds of people each year turn to us to help them move overseas.