Frequently Asked Questions

Empire Moving has provided a list of the most common questions that have been directed to us. If there are any questions that you may have which are not part of the below list, please contact us and we will gladly give you the best answer to your question.

Q. Is the service you offer door to door?

A. Yes, it is a door-to-door moving service.  We offer state to state moving plus our moving companies services include international moving.

Q. Do you sell packing materials?

A. Yes. We have everything you need for self-packing or full service packing services. From boxes to bubble wrap, the materials you need are available at our warehouse at competitive prices.  We employ the best house movers and want to keep your items safe for your state to state move.

Q. Do you have any storage facilities?

A. Yes, one of our moving companies services is storage.

Q. Are the taxes included?

A. No, between the provinces inCanada, 5% GST will be added to your bill, for local moves inQuebec 5% GST and 8.5>%TVQ will be added to your move. On international moves or moves to USA there are no applicable taxes.

Q. What is the deductible my contract?

A. Like most other types of insurances, our Basic Liability Coverage and Extended Coverage are subject to a deductible, which is currently $ 300.

Q. How can I file a claim?

A. Empire Moving Inc. takes great care and preventive measures to keep claims low and satisfaction high. However, sometimes even with the greatest care, the unexpected occurs. As a privately owned company, Empire Moving Inc. prides itself in cutting through bureaucratic red-tape to save you time and frustration. In the rare instance of a house moving claim: During delivery if you think some of the items that you are shipped are damaged, note any damage on the Inventory Sheet BEFORE you sign it. This step will not be replaced by any other written or verbal step in the communication process. Pay your full moving cost. Request a printed claim form from our moving crew or from our office. Fill the form and fax or mail it to office.

Notes: Within 30 days after delivery any residential/property claims must be submitted in writing or via internet. DO NOT dispose of any damaged item before Empire Moving Inc. performs a visual inspection. DO NOT replace or begin repair on any damaged items unless Empire Moving Inc. authorizes you to do so.

Q. How do you differentiate my belongings from other clients?

A. At the time of pickup, our crew put stickers on all the items that are being shipped. These stickers have different lot numbers & different colors. We also prepare a list of your items and provide you with a copy so that you know exactly how many are being shipped.

Q. What happens if I have to reschedule my move?

A. As soon as you realize there may be a problem with your moving date, you need to contact Empire Moving Inc. for a new pickup/delivery or trip date.

Q. How will you ship my car?

A. We use pre approved, dependable third party car carriers to transport your car. You can arrange a vehicle transport company independently or let us do these arrangements for you. In this case, we will coordinate dates with the car carrier so your vehicle be delivered within a reasonable time frame of your household goods.

Q. What happens if any of my furniture gets damaged?

A. We are affiliated with many state to state moving furniture companies throughout Canada and USA. Any damage furniture will be fixed before being replaced.


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